Kurt recongnises someone he has never met before.

Kurt is looking at ties for nearly twenty minutes before he raises his head to search for the shop assistant, because the Italian silk tie he’s considering buying doesn’t seem to have a price on it. He spots the young…

a kiss with a fist is better than none


Sebastian hears about Kurt and Blaine’s hook up and gives Kurt a call and tells him not to get back together with Blaine. There was something odd about his voice, almost as if he was begging. Though he tried hard to make his voice sound casual.

Kurt rolls his eyes and wonders how the hell did…

It’s My Party || Kurtbastian


  • TAGGING: Sebastian Smythe and Kurt Hummel
  • TIME: Thursday, 7 February, Evening
  • LOCATION: Kurt’s Room
  • WHAT: Sebastian goes over to Kurt’s for dinner.  Stuff happens.  (Warnings: infidelity, dubious consent, blood play (light), first time, voyeurism/exhibitionism)

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Hm, I think some sort of college-roommates-who-dont-stand-eachother-but-actually-really-do thing is going on in here. Okay, these are terrible, but I didn’t want to do my homework and just missed this kids so much and I should go to sleep now

So I gave chase but you were too fast,
Too far gone to notice my hands.

AU: Sebastian actually graduated the same year as Kurt. And now he’s attending NYADA too. And hey look, its Adam.


Kurtbastian Firsts Meme:
1 -> The First Time They See Each Other

Uhm, yeah. How do you-“
“You haven’t gotten your uniform, yet and this ensamble isn’t quite cutting it.”